Evans and Kleczyk Author Article in Spring PMSA Journal (JPMSA)

Symphony’s Derek Evans and Ewa Kleczyk published a new article in the spring edition of JPMSA titled “Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Derive Patient Adherence Drivers.” The article discusses the role of patient adherence to therapy as an essential part of improving patient health outcomes.  Non-adherence to therapy can increase healthcare costs in the long term, as it can lead to increased comorbidities and concomitant therapies, as well as decreased quality of life.  It is estimated that the economic cost of non-adherence to treatment is at 100 billion to 300 billion dollars (1). This cost includes lost wages, which result from increased disease burden, in addition to the cost of the avoidable health care.

Understanding not just the current level of adherence within a population, but the factors, which impact adherence, are an important part of managing healthcare costs.  The article reviews the currently leveraged measures of adherence, and the ‘Whys’ driving patient’s continuation on the prescribed treatment.  It also discusses a case study, assessing adherence and its drivers.

To read the full article, visit PMSA Journal here.

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