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Symphony Health

Symphony Health is pleased to announce MediaSTAT™, the latest addition to their Audience & Media Practice’s product portfolio. This new, cloud-based solution, provides metrics and visualization tools to improve media planning practices of healthcare marketers and delivers detailed insights into how information is consumed by audiences through metrics such as geo-level demographics and TV viewing patterns.

The MediaSTAT™ solution consists of five modules that enhance healthcare marketers’ media planning strategy, including:

  • Geo-View: Provides geographic insights by designated market area (DMA), state or zip code, for a multitude of defined disease categories, including disease incidence, detailed demographics, insurance plan mix and healthcare trends, all of which are critical to geo-level media planning.
  • Channel-View: In partnership with Hitwise, Channel-View combines online behavior activity with trusted consumer surveys to deliver comprehensive profiles about targeted audiences. This helps healthcare marketers better understand their customers and prospects: who they are, what they like and what motivates their decisions. The company’s insights are derived from an online behavioral panel of over 8 million individuals, and activity data is tracked on over 20 million websites across 500 million monthly search queries. Qualitative consumer insights like lifestyle, psychographics, and demographics are based on are up to 60,000 attributes.
  • TV-View: Symphony Health’s anonymized patient behavioral healthcare database, combined with its TV viewing intelligence partner’s data allows marketers to identify TV shows, networks or day-parts being viewed by specific disease states allowing for accurate delivery of TV advertisements.
  • Content-View: Aids marketers in developing content and messaging that best resonates with healthcare segments by understanding patient behavior and consumption of data across paid, owned and earned media.
  • First Party View: Links data to first party and pre-defined segments allowing Symphony Health’s media planning tools to align to business definitions governed by company data.

Healthcare marketers will gain fresh, data-driven insights into audience behavior through MediaSTAT™, allowing them to create compelling content that reaches audiences accurately. Through these insights, users can easily adapt campaigns and allocate marketing budgets effectively. Key benefits include:

  • Cloud-based insights with powerful visualization tools allowing users to easily explore marketing opportunities.
  • A modulated, integrated approach to media planning that only focuses on a campaign’s needs.
  • Critical healthcare metrics aggregated into a format that is easy to understand and actionable.
  • Flexibility to customize data that caters to a user’s market and audience definition.

MediaSTAT™ enables users to access in-depth and evidence-based insights that are specific to their organization through visualization tools that make data easy to understand and to act upon. This complete and accurate insight into audience engagement patterns across the entire health ecosystem is critical to finding customers and tailoring messages and content for successful campaigns.