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Symphony Health

Building an Oncology Data Visualization Platform to Leverage Integrated Patient Data and AnalyticsJPMSA, Spring 2018

Gita Mishkin, MPH, Principal, Brand Analytics and Center of Excellence, Symphony Health; Paula Fullman, MSOD, Vice President, Patient Analytics Center of Excellence, Symphony Health; Don Faust, Lead Consultant, Patient Analytics Center of Excellence, Symphony Health


Understanding the patient journey and therapy utilization relies on familiarity with the granularity and complexity of an integrated dataset. It pulls together data from various resources, including, but not limited to, retail and mail order pharmacies, wholesalers, specialty pharmacies, hospitals, community-based offices, clinics and other healthcare delivery facilities, clinical registries, electronic medical records, and lab data. This allows pharmaceutical managers to develop strategy based on a holistic view of the brand (patient, payer, prescriber) experience without having to make leaps of faith across disparate data sources or to guess whether or not various data assets reveal different answers. To this end, the HealthCloud (an oncology data visualization application) allows for drag and drop insights and graphics for an otherwise analytically complex therapeutic area. Five milestones streamlined the process: (1) Identify key questions; (2) Develop business rules, including phases of implementation; (3) Design the core dataset needs; (4) Isolate data aggregations requirements to optimize performance; (5) Create dashboard for data visualization. The primary lesson was the importance of a development plan, including all the phases of release and roles and responsibilities.

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