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Our unique and empirically driven approach helps our clients better connect with customers

The Audience & Media practice is focused on technological, advisory, and analytical services to power marketing programs in the life sciences industry. We help brands gain a more complete and contemporary understanding of customers, including patients, health care providers (HCPs), and managed market accounts. Our strategic, data-driven approach determines the optimal content and messages to deliver and provides cross-channel and tactical measurement and insight.

We help brands, their agencies and publishers by providing answers.

With the influx of data and the evolution of technologies, marketing and media programs have grown exponentially more complex. The industry has seen a shift from broadcasting to narrowcasting, a focus on relevant messaging and content delivery at the individual level, along with a move towards experiential marketing programs supported via in-the-moment insight. The result is an emerging need to streamline and simplify the complexities of omni-channel media campaigns and to drive accountability of all agencies and publishers. We help brands, their agencies, and publishers navigate these complexities by providing answers to the most pressing questions:

  • What do my patients look like and how do they engage in their health?
  • Do I have the right insight to inform media and marketing program design?
  • What is the optimal spend level and spend allocation across channels, publisher placements and creative?
  • Can I better sequence and coordinate my media and CRM to drive brand engagement?
  • How can/should we coordinate patient and HCP marketing efforts to drive dialog?
  • How can I vary marketing tactics based on managed market dynamics?
  • What efforts drive the best results? What results should I expect?

Powering your marketing programs through cognitive and analytics services

The Audience & Media group provides the cognitive and analytic services to power marketing by:

  • Gaining a more complete and contemporary understanding of customers
  • Finding high value audiences across all channels and devices
  • Enabling brands and agencies to develop the optimal content and messages for their audiences
  • Providing detailed insight on what’s working and how to improve: Investment allocation, cross-channel media performance, CRM and experiential marketing performance and cross-channel integration

Actionable solutions to fuel media planning and media execution:

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