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Health Data Services provides technology solutions and professional consulting services to our clients in three key areas: data integration, analytic tools, and cloud-based commercial marts and hubs.

Patient-Centric Integration

With the shift of new commercial models focusing more and more on patient needs, life science manufacturers have a critical need to engage and understand their patients across the full spectrum of functional departments from clinical to supply chain commercial, sales and marketing, finance and legal.

In the past, the patient had very little information about the choice of medicines on the market, and was prescribed medicines based on what the doctor felt best met the patient needs. Today, patients are becoming more involved in their care, changing the long-term dynamic between patient and doctor.  This is partly driven by :

  • The way the internet has opened up and democratized information
  • Patients having access to healthcare information through a myriad of mobile healthcare applications and healthcare websites.
  • Manufacturer-specific patient programs, such as patient assistance, co-pay, and hub and patient registries as examples which provide access to specific drug and therapy information.

As patients now engage across various touch points, this has led to a proliferation of healthcare events and associated “raw” data that is generated when patients are engaged across multiple touchpoints and channels.

The challenge for manufacturer’s is how to acquire, store and integrate related healthcare data at the patient level into a 360 degree view, while meeting requirements such as HIPAA and other privacy related regulations.

The potential of this powerful, patient-centric data creates limitless opportunities to analyze markets and strategically deploy resources:

  1. Optimize ongoing clinical research and clinical trial
    • Monitor site performance and take dynamic corrective action, such as adding new sites
    • Determine protocol feasibility and the appropriate sequencing of treatments for optimal trial design
  2. Right-Size target patient populations
    • Forecast disease incidence based on diagnostic data
    • Assess patient population and diagnostic rates geographically
  3. Enhance patient journey and buying process development
    • Confirm compound/brand positioning through appropriate patient selection
    • Understand the needs of health care HCPs for better patient outcomes and compliance
  4. Drive disease/diagnostic education
    • Inform marketing teams on diagnostic data and trending to support pre-launch efforts
    • Utilize data to build diagnostic strategy post launch
  5. Optimize commercial strategy and execution
    • Develop real time target lists based on diagnostic outcome and generate triggers
    • Assess opportunity to provide testing to patients in specific markets – vouchers, reimbursement, etc

Analytic Tools: Vantage Apps

Vantage Apps support deep analysis of the most complete and integrated pharmaceutical data sources in the industry to drive sophisticated strategic programs that put the right resources, in front of the right people, at the right time to drive measurable changes in performance. All Vantage applications are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days per year via our Symphony HealthCloud platform, and all that is necessary to tap into these powerful solutions is a standard Web browser. Vantage Apps enable increasingly sophisticated analyses with shorter turn-around from conception to implementation.

Key Benefits:

  • Pre-built App Setup and Deployment
  • Tailored visualizations, analytics and reports
  • Custom App development

Symphony HealthCloud

The sources of information that make it possible to understand and anticipate the dynamics and the evolution of life science markets are increasingly numerous, varied and complex. This “Big Data” processing requires the implementation of powerful and innovative solutions supported by experts who partner with your organization to reveal the clinical and commercial potentials of such information.

Symphony HealthCloud makes uncovering that potential easy, enabling an unprecedented degree of access and an open model to minimize the need to manage huge volumes of data within your enterprise. Our data and applications, as well as client or third party resources, are all housed within a client-specific, secure environment, on the Symphony HealthCloud. Data is dynamically refreshed directly as updates become available.

In addition, Symphony partners with a broad network of data providers to facilitate the access and subscription to real-world evidence (RWE) data assets directly from Symphony HealthCloud.

Health Data Services

Synoma and Synoma ID

Our SynomaTM platform enables the integration, storage and curation of a variety of healthcare data sources.  It is a tried and tested collection of technologies, processes and tools that enable the efficient processing of data sources, including patient oriented sources, in a HIPAA compliant manner.

The SynomaID forms the basis for a Universal Patient Identifier that can be utilized across the healthcare ecosystem to connect disparate patient sources and enable a complete view of the patient journey. It provides a robust environment that has evolved from our own operational needs as a “Big Data” provider.  It incorporates new state-of-the-art technologies that provide greater capabilities and efficiencies which further enhance the utility and value of the platform to our customers.

SynomaID addresses the challenges of integrating patient-specific data from multiple providers by creating a unique patient identifier—linking major dimensions such as Account, Practitioner, Payer, Product, Geography, and Time. SynomaID ensures compliance with HIPAA privacy rules by de-identifying the patient and removing Protected Health Information (PHI), and aids in data compliance and governance, including data watermarking—enabling the identification of data origin.

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