Develop impactful patient-centric strategies supported by deep insight into the treatment experience

Robust anonymized longitudinal patient data uncovers treatment patterns that can be used to refine and target messaging to prescribers. Concomitant conditions, brand switching, dose titration, and other specifics of treatment can be segmented to understand where physicians position your brand. This understanding of current product use at a patient-specific level supports gap analysis and development of messaging to uncover clinical roadblocks and expand utilization.

PatientSource™ helps address key questions about how patients are participating in treatment:

  • How persistent are patients?
  • How is persistency impacted by out of pocket cost?
  • How do patients move through lines of therapy for their condition?
  • What brands are gaining/losing patient switches?
  • What is the lifetime value of a patient?
  • How often does a patient fill a prescription despite being denied by the payer?
  • How are patients utilizing co-pay assistance programs?

Understand market factors that impact brands

Patient-centric analysis also supports a deeper understanding of market factors that impact brands:

  • How does brand share vary for newly treated as compared to continuing patients?
  • Are co-pay assistance programs profitable?
  • What are the competitive products for a newly approved indication?
  • Is patient adherence impacted by in-office programs?
  • How many total patients are there with a specific diagnosis? Is that number growing?
  • What is typical consumption of the brand over a year?

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