Comprehensive payer insights to drive profitable managed care strategies revealing the drivers of influence and their impact on brand performance

With exclusive access to the most detailed prescription claims data in the industry, PayerSource™ allows for a depth of understanding of managed care impact that is not available anywhere else. Armed with a clear view of plan dynamics, managed markets teams are able to formulate patient strategies to reduce Rx abandonment, develop contracting strategies that drive sales results, and maximize return on field based pull-through efforts.

Understand managed care influence on brands

With full prescription adjudication information and comprehensive market coverage, PayerSource™ supports analysis that answers those questions, and provides additional insights:

  • Understand the influence of managed care on your brand’s performance
  • Uncover drug switching due to formulary restrictions or patient pricing sensitivities
  • Identify plan formulary co-pay tiers and overall benefit design
  • Enhance pull-through programs by identifying plans with the highest potential impact
  • Optimize rebate strategies
  • Manage payer contracting and accurately assess ROI of contracts

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