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    Unlocking the potential of big data through smart cloud-enabled tools

Vantage™ Applications

As the healthcare market becomes increasingly complex, strategies to understand and influence decision makers within the system need to become increasingly sophisticated.

To compete in the modern healthcare environment, biopharmaceutical organizations need to be fully informed across a broad range of market factors and integrate these insights into key business processes. The ability to utilize increasingly sophisticated data resources to uncover the drivers of value for stakeholders throughout the system will differentiate successful companies.

Your data is seamlessly available at any time

Unlocking the potential of big data through smart cloud-enabled tools

As a key part of the Symphony HealthCloud™, innovative Vantage™ Applications support deep analysis of the most complete and integrated pharmaceutical data sources in the industry to drive sophisticated strategic programs that put the right resources in front of the right people at the right time to drive measurable changes in performance. All Vantage™ applications are available 24×7 and all that is necessary to tap into these powerful solutions is a standard web browser.

Business Oriented

Software solutions focused on key business questions that enable data exploration, knowledge discovery and key metric analysis.

Intuitive by design

Vantage™ applications are designed to be intuitive, simple to use, and flexible.


Applications provide unique market insights enabling rapid, better informed decision making.

Powered by IDV®

Leveraging Symphony Health's industry-leading Integrated Dataverse, all Vantage™ applications are driven by the most robust data available.

speeds time to insight

Powerful solutions that produce business-driving insights lightning-fast.


Easily accessible using only a web-browser from any device — desktop, laptop or tablet.


Vantage™ application suites are aligned to key commercial functions

Our exclusive cloud-enabled applications provide instant access to key performance metrics, data visualizations, and predictive analytics that enable rapid, informed situation analysis and decision making.

Vantage™ applications have been developed to address key focus areas and support critical business processes with suites aligned to key commercial functions.

Managed Markets

Deep insights to drive payer interaction and market access.


Profile practitioners, payers, and facilities to uncover opportunities.


Support brand strategy with insight into patient behaviors, lines of therapy, and duration of therapy.


Deep analytics to fuel commercial insight and business development.

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