Symphony Health at PBIRG 2017

Symphony Health was pleased to be part of the PBIRG Annual General Meeting held this year May 21-24 in Chicago, IL. From our Commercial Effectiveness consulting practice, Ewa Kleczyk, Vice President, Client Analytics and Jonathan Woodring, Senior Principal, presented a University Workshop session titled “A Simple Machine Learning Approach to Finding and Targeting High Value Physicians.” This session focused on machine learning as a group of highly advanced predictive methoddologies, which allow analysts to tap into the full potential of the healthcare claims data in order to gain insights into a particular market or therapeutic area. Unlike traditional methods of analytics used in the industry, which takes a deductive approach through the use of business rules, machine learning takes an inductive approach to market exploration. Using Machine Learning techniques and healthcare claims data allows analysts to identify the key variables from a set of diagnoses, procedures and prescriptions that are highly predictive of new therapy starts. Leveraging these findings to score healthcare providers based on their propensity to treat patients in their practice can to aid optimization of sales and targeting strategies and resources, as well as their deployment timing.

In addition, Vaibhav Varkhedkar, Ewa Kleczyk, Santhi Tata and Pratibha Sharan presented a poster on Forecasting the Demand for In-Market & Pipeline Products.


Symphony Health – A PRA Health Sciences Company

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