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Synoma Health Analytics Announces IDV® (Integrated Dataverse)

IDV® is the first big data platform to provide a holistic view of the pharmaceutical market.

HORSHAM, Pa., October 1, 2015, — Synoma Health Analytics (SHS), a provider of high-value market research, analytics, and technology solutions for life sciences manufacturers, payers, and providers, today announced the availability of IDV® (Integrated Dataverse), an exciting new big data solution that provides market-leading coverage and insights to the drivers of pharmaceutical demand. This new HIPAA-compliant platform powers all SHS products and will be the exclusive data platform for the company as of January 2016. IDV is the result of substantial data and technology investments made by SHS to provide the most accurate and complete picture of the pharmaceutical market.

IDV® sits at the heart of SHS’s broader strategy to transform the life sciences market through technology and innovation. As the foundation for all SHS data products, IDV® offers a complete picture of a given health event across prescriber, payer, and patient dimensions with analytics to answer key questions and facilitate critical commercial processes. Leveraging our new big data infrastructure and extensive healthcare data management capabilities, IDV® supports integration of clinical and other health-related data to support a more complete view of the financial and clinical decisions that drive the marketplace.

Read the full release here.

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