Synoma Health Analytics Presents at PMRG Institute 2015

Leveraging Secondary Physician- and Patient-Level Data to Predict Physician Attitudinal Segment Assignments

Pharma companies and brand teams assign physicians into segments in order to inform the marketing and sales strategies for their products. The two main methods currently used to perform physician segmentation – Primary Market Research and Secondary Data Market Research – do help to develop effective messaging platforms and promotional targets, but they are individually limited in scope and insight.

At PMRG Institute in Philadelphia, Synoma Health Analytics’ Ewa Kleczyk and Nitin Choudhary introduced Symphony’s proprietary Hybrid Segmentation approach. Combining the attitudinal-based segmentation developed via Primary Market Research with secondary physician- and patient-level data allows Symphony to project segment assignments for all physicians of client interest and explain the behavior of the larger physician population.

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